Affordable, Quality MBBS In Russia For Indian Students

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Kazakhstan was and has been a top destination for proactive students seeking quality education abroad owing to its robust educational infrastructure, affordable fee structure, and great clinical exposure. In fact, Kazakhstan is the abode of more than 351,000 international students pursuing their higher education, particularly MBBS in Kazakhstan. In addition, around 18,000 Indian students are also enrolled in top government universities in Kazakhstan for MBBS in order to fulfil their dreams of becoming doctors. 

Several factors drive the trend of Indian students opting for Kazakhstan for their medical studies. 

Let’s see what makes Kazakhstan a prime destination for Indian students willing to become doctors.

Affordable Fees

One of the foremost factors driving Indian students to choose MBBS in Kazakhstan is its affordability.  There is fierce competition in India to get a seat in affordable government medical colleges. On the other hand, private medical colleges are out of reach for many students owing to high fees. In such a scenario, Kazakhstan universities emerge as an alternative option.  

The cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan ranges from USD 3500 to USD 5000 per year. Tuition fees for MBBS in Kazakhstan universities are lower than the fees in many private medical colleges in India. Besides, the cost of living in Kazakhstan is not too high. Depending upon the city and the needs of the students, the monthly expenses range between USD 130 to USD 360.

Why is medical education in Kazakhstan cost-effective?

Medical education in Kazakhstan is affordable because the universities and medical colleges are highly subsidized, which brings down the tuition fee. 

Transparency in pricing and admission process also makes medical education in Kazakhstan cost-effective. There’s no system of donations and capitation fees. 

Finally, the cost of living in Kazakhstan is comparatively lower than in many European countries, which keeps the cost of medical education affordable.

Quality Education

Leading Kazakhstan Universities follow a globally relevant curriculum that places students on par with the best in the world. Top government Kazakhstan universities are known for their rigorous coursework and valuable research output. 

Kazakhstan MBBS University boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure. Common features include well-equipped classrooms, clinical partnerships, simulation facilities, and well-stocked libraries. 

Several Medical Councils of the world including the National Medical Commission of India (NMC) recognize the medical university in Kazakhstan for Indian students. Many Kazakhstan universities are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), and more. 

Recognition by global and regional bodies ensures graduates from Kazakhstan universities are respected and their degrees are valid worldwide.

Kazakhstan is also known for its medical curriculum, which lays an equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical training. Students get global exposure from clinical partnerships. Hands-on experience through clinical rotations and valuable internships adds to the quality of medical programs in Kazakhstan.

Medical Education in Kazakhstan is geared to produce doctors who excel in their professional lives. 

What are the reasons behind the quality of medical education in Kazakhstan?

There are several factors that ensure high-quality medical education in Kazakhstan. Besides the fact that Kazakhstan has a long history of healthcare, its current rigorous standards ensure global standards of education.

The focus of Kazakhstan medical programs is on training individuals to take on the challenges of the real world of medicine. There is an emphasis on practical learning and clinical training. The curriculum blends the theoretical knowledge with practical exercises. 

Kazakhstan universities have well-equipped classrooms and facilities for simulations. The students are trained practically in hospitals, clinics, and medical centres. 

Favourable Environment

Kazakhstan universities offer a conducive environment for Indian students to do their MBBS. They are known for their multiculturalism and inclusivity. 

Many Kazakhstan universities provide support services for international students. They provide adaptation sessions, language classes, and counselling services to help students. There is ample support for a smooth transition to a new culture. 

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Kazakhstan universities offer a great opportunity for Indian students to pursue MBBS affordably. Many Kazakhstan universities have English as the medium of instruction and offer a 6-year MBBS program. They are globally recognized and offer a welcoming environment to international students willing to become doctors.

Here are some top universities for Indian students looking to become doctors with an overseas degree.