Why study in NCSA

  • Certified Government Academy, a modern University that shapes your medical future.
  • 10 years in the International Medical Education
  • Teaching in English medium started in 2016.
  • First batch of Indian students reached Cherkeesk & started their Medical journey in 2016.
  • Students from 18 countries graduate from the Academy every year, their degrees are recognized worldwide.
  • MCI/NEXT Preparation available in university campus.
  • NCSA is a multidisciplinary public institution of higher education, located in the city of cherkessk, Russian Federation.
  • NCSA is one of the most reputed university to teach in English Medium (1st – 6th Year)


  • Listed in IMED (International Medical Education Directory), as well as placed at Foundation for Advancement of International Medical education and Research (FAIMER). FAIMER School ID:0003395.
  • Global Education in Medicine Exchange (GEMX) an ECFMG initiative. It is a Global Medical students Exchange program. Listed in World Health Organization (WHO) Medical schools Directory.
  • Recognized by Medical Council of India and having affiliated programs with most of the Medical Schools worldwide.


Our Institution has specialized laboratories for Anatomy (museum), Physiology, Biochemistry and Pathology, among others to help the students develop psychomotor skills, which are very essential for the effective practice of medicine. Medical Institute also has an innovative, modern clinical skills lab where our students train on various physical skills related to various organ systems, prepare them for real patient encounters. We are having well-equipped Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry and Pathology Laboratories. Most of the diagnostic tests are conducted by fully automated, advanced instruments in our Diagnostics Centers.


NCSA Library having all type of reference service in medical education program. Internet Access Wi-Fi service. The Central Library medical Institute is fully equipped with local and international medical literature. It has over 62,000 textbooks. The services of the library include e-Learning, Audio-visual services; Computer based work, Book bank facility, Bibliographic. Online access to Medical journals.

Cherkessk City

Cherkessk was established in 1804 a Russian military fort on the Kuban River, what was then the border with Circassia, on the spot where in 1790 Russian troops under the command of General Johann Hermann von Fersen (Ivan Ivanovich Herman fon Fersen) defeated the Ottoman Batal Pasha. In honor of the victory over Batal Pasha, the fort named Batalpashinskaya. Cherkessk is the capital of the republic. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as the city of republic significance of Cherkessk-an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. The population of Cherkessk was 129,069 in the 2010 Census. Native Russians, Cheess, Karachays, and minorities of Ukrainians, Greiks, Georgians and Armenians inhabit the city.

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